6 Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

6 Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

In the Far East, Oolong tea has long been revered for its medicinal, detoxification, and anti-aging benefits.

Not surprisingly, many of these health benefits have been completely confirmed by modern scientific research.

Some of the more important health benefits of oolong tea are detailed below:

1-Promotes Healthier Skin and Prevents Wrinkles

As mentioned above, free radicals attack cells and contribute to signs of aging.

This includes wrinkles and skin spots.

The antioxidants in Oolong tea fight these free radicals and help promote healthier skin.

For example, the Shiga University of Medical Science carried out a study on Oolong tea’s effect on a skin disease called atopic dermatitis.

The study found that 64% of atopic dermatitis sufferers reported an improvement in their skin condition from consistent consumption of Oolong tea.

This perfectly illustrates the free radical fighting effect that Oolong has on the body.

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2-Fights Cancerous Cells and Diseases

Oolong contains high amounts of potent antioxidants know as “polyphenols” and “catechins”.

These powerful antioxidants help fight free radicals, which are nasty little toxins responsible for causing cellular damage, disease, aging, and even cancer.

3-Aids in Weight Loss

Oolong fights obesity by stimulating the metabolism, increasing energy, and blocking fat absorption in the body.

You can find much more information about Oolong and weight loss on the Oolong Tea & Weight Loss page.

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4-Improves Digestion and Removes Toxins

By producing a clean alkaline environment in the body, Oolong destroys bacteria, fungus, and other toxic microbes.

It also assists digestion by dissolving excess acidity and breaking down fat into smaller particles.

5-Enhances Focus and Mental Function

Oolong contains mild levels of caffeine, along with several other compounds that have stimulating effects on the nervous system.

This means that it enhances alertness, focus, and improves cerebral function.

Best of all, it’s one of the few stimulants that’s completely safe. Side effects are very rare.

6-Promotes Oral Health

Oolong alkalizes the mouth and stomach, preventing the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

These antibacterial properties also help the teeth and gums.

In fact, a Japanese University found that regular consumption of Oolong tea strengthened participant’s teeth and helped to prevent tooth decay.

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